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Video Got statins? UF cardiologists recommend new use for old drug

Sep 16, 2010 • By

Cardiologists at the University of Florida are pointing to a new use for an old therapy. Giving patients cholesterol-lowering statins before surgery and other invasive procedures can halve the risk of heart attacks, deaths and other complications, they report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. “The magnitude of benefit we found in […]

Video UF researcher links depressive episodes to dementia

Sep 1, 2010 • By

UF researcher links depressive episodes to dementia

Video UF scientists find genetic clues about pain insensitivity

Aug 17, 2010 • By

A baby who rarely cries is many parents’ idea of a “happy” baby. Ashlyn Blocker was that kind of baby. She never cried at birth, when she was hungry, wet or teething. But when neither a severe diaper rash nor a cut on the surface of her eye caused the tiniest complaint, her parents, Tara […]

Video UF Institute on Aging opens Health Promotion Center

Aug 13, 2010 • By

The University of Florida Institute on Aging on Wednesday celebrated the grand opening of its Health Promotion Center, a new resource that features more than 7,000 square feet of unique space for research trials. Inside the facility, study participants can walk on a 200-foot cushioned indoor track, balance on ballet-style bars set in a mirror-paneled […]

Video UF researchers discovery may help the human body self heal

Aug 11, 2010 • By

Researchers from the University of Florida have discovered a molecule that may help enhance our body’s natural antioxidant self-healing powers without the help of vitamins. This discovery could potentially help people stay healthy and disease free.

Video Cooling blanket helping to save babies from brain damage

Jul 27, 2010 • By

Four out of every thousand babies born in the U.S. suffers brain damage. Traditionally, there was nothing doctors could do to prevent the lifetime of disabilities that could follow. But now, they’re using a simple blanket to save brains and change lives.

Video Recommended blood pressure level differs for heart patients with diabetes

Jul 6, 2010 • By

The best blood pressure range for patients with diabetes and heart disease appears to be slightly higher than what is recommended for healthy adults, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In fact, the blood pressure range considered normal — less than 120 systolic and less than 80 diastolic — […]

Video Flat emotions misleading in Alzheimer’s patients

Jul 6, 2010 • By Shayna Brouker

For media inquiries contact Shayna Brouker, 352-273-5810, sbrouker@ufl.edu. Watching a loved one struggle with Alzheimer’s disease can be a painful process, but for the patient, the experience may be a muted one. Alzheimer’s patients can appear withdrawn and apathetic, symptoms often attributed to memory problems or difficulty finding the words to communicate. A new University […]

Video A new model provides window into how vertebrates repair themselves

Jun 30, 2010 • By

With flaring red gills that jut out of a milky white body, and round, black eyes that never blink, the axolotl salamander has been trolling tropical pools for 300 million years. But only in recent years have scientists begun to appreciate the axolotl’s amazing ability to repair brain and spinal cord injuries that would leave […]

Video Tongue-tied: Helping babies breastfeed

Jun 30, 2010 • By

Doctors advise new mothers to breastfeed for at least the first six months of a baby’s life, but a simple yet often untreated problem can sabotage their efforts, University of Florida researchers say. Called a tongue tie, the problem occurs when the connective tissue under the tongue is too tight. A tongue tie can hinder […]

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